Canada 2.0 – Way to go Canada!

Update on my recent interest in seeing Twitter go Canuck. Good going Canada! It looks like more people are setting their locations because I’ve been seeing more and more Cancon in the Trending list on Twitter. Last night 4 of the top five words were the names of hockey players as Canadians chimed in on the big Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs trade.

This morning I have seen for the first time a number one trend that isn’t just an echo of  a us hashtag game. The tag is #followamuseum which asks everyone to follow their favourite museum (some ideas of museums to follow listed here). If you look at the regions where this is trending right now (10:30AM PST Feb 1,2010) its very interesting:

#followamuseum Trending #followamuseum Not Trending
San Francisco
Washington DC
UK (number 3 overall in UK)
Canada (number 1 overall in Canada!)
New York
United States

What’s interesting about this list is not where people care about museums or not. Trends come and go all day long and could be because of other local stories.  The interesting part though is that most Canadians are talking about this trend even though the overwhelming majority of Tweeps worldwide are not.  The trend does not show up on the worldwide list or the US list. So that means the Canadians who saw it and made it a trend here by retweeting or commenting must be watching the Canada trend topics (or the UK).  This is very exciting, as now Canadians can trust that our voice can make it through the defining din of Twitter.

Reckless Talk by Polling ‘Experts’

You know what they say about polls…well I don’t believe they are all lies and statistics about Canadian opinions can be very useful, when considered in a balanced way.  Apparently if you are the head of a polling firm, such as Nik Nanos, however, you are able to infer trends from a very short sequence of data.  Just taking a look at the chart in this article with a short, narrow peak in the past two weeks being called a new normal is a bit of a laugh.  How can a few points define a new normal?  (more…)

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